Detect Rotten Woods Before It Destroys Your Homes

When your homes needed repairs you can easily find or notice it. For example, if there are water leaks you can easily find the where it needs to be repaired. But on the other hand, rotten wood are easily unnoticed and disregarded. Like rust on metal, wood rot can infect a wide range of your wooden building materials.

Therefore, early detection should be your goal. If these wood rots spread entirely in your homes, you will surely need an extensive repair or even worse, it can endanger the safety of your family.

How it started 

Just like any other home problems, knowing what you are up against with is the key in eliminating it. The way it started is quite simple, wood moisture is the key ingredients for fungi to thrive in your wooden materials. So any wood that is exposed to this moisture that are unprotected for a long period of time, it will surely begin to rot.

No matter what started it, wood rot can be destructive in your homes. Keep in mind the areas that can be exposed in this moisture, on windows, ceilings or under the sink. This area might be where it can start so you need to keep an eye on them.

How to detect rotten woods

For these you need your senses, especially your sense of touch and sight. You also need these handy tools for the jobs a screwdriver, flashlight and a binoculars. You have to bare in mind that some of the rotten woods may be fairly visible, but most of the time it is hidden and can't easily detect by just looking.

The major thing you need to inspect is the woods firmness, woods should be hard and not soft when you touch it. To check the health of the wood, you need to poke it to see how the wood feels. Any sign of brittleness, softness and crumby wood is a big indication of rotten wood. In some cases the wood may break or disintegrate with just a little poke.

Also, some signs that the wood is infected by rote is discoloration. Keep an eye on peeling paint this may be an area of water leak. Investigate and check if there are any leaks and make repairs immediately.

How if your house is vinyl or aluminum? You can still check if there are rotten woods in your homes. Most of the vinyl and aluminum sided homes have wooden framing and some plywood it can be infected with wood rot. Take a look at this wooden components and check for its health. Check for any damage or cracks that are visible this can let water seep inside the wood. With the use of binoculars and flashlight you can inspect the hard to reach areas of discoloration and for the areas you can access press it with the screwdriver to test its integrity.

Areas you need to check

Here are the areas you may want to check for wood rot. This area is the most vulnerable and expose to moisture.

Wooden Window Frames: Most of the water in our windows remains on the window sills, this area is the first to have rotten wood. Even thought your window frames are painted, over the time as it is exposed to rain, it can slowly wear off the paint and allowing water to seep inside the wood. As you inspect the window sills carefully press or poke and see if there are soft and deteriorated areas.

Exterior Doors: This door is mostly made of wood. It gets damage after the time and also being exposed to weather such as rain is a major factor. Check the parts that are made out of wood, especially the door frames, door jab and the trim. The lower section of the door is the commonly vulnerable to rain and moisture. Poke around this area to see if there are soft spots or spongy feeling.

Interior Space: With the use of your flashlight, check the parts that are exposed to moisture. The areas that may be collecting moisture are around your water heater, dishwasher, toilet, tub, bottom of your sink cabinets. For these to be check you really need to get dirty and get down on your belly to peak for these areas.

Roofs: Here you need the help of your binoculars. The areas you need to check are the roof itself and the part below the roof line for any discoloration and other signs of rot. The inspection can be a little longer depending on the size of the roof you are scanning. Look for any missing shingles, raised nail heads, cracked areas. If you can access the top of the roof safely that can allow you to test the firmness of the wood as you walk across it. But if you are doubtful of the rook don't try to climb and walk across it. This can lead to injury if the roof collapse, so tread carefully.

When finding rotten woods in your homes, get it fixed immediately because it can be a larger problem in the future. But there is a saying " Prevention is better than cure" preventive measures can be taken to prevent the rot in the first place.


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