Things To Consider Before A Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels should be a well thought-out extension of style and function. Give your bathroom design a boost and make the mundane morning routine refreshing and enjoyable. And shower with a relaxing, spa-like experience with an enclosed glass shower for an in-house sauna that provides a sensational steam you can’t get anywhere else.

Things To Consider Before A Remodel:

1. Tubs

Is the tub staying or going? Consider re-glazing your existing porcelain or iron cast tub and changing the color for a fresh new look. To replace your tub we suggest a new soaker tub with a slant back for easy bathing, and built-in anti-slip textured flooring. Jacuzzi tubs are also a great addition to your bathroom.

2. Vanities

Is it time to replace those old, outdated vanities with newer, functional cabinets? How about a cabinet with side drawers for your makeup and other personal items? You can install a granite top with under-mount sinks, slow-close hinges for your doors, self-closing sliders for your drawers, while knobs and pulls add that finishing touch.

3. Fixtures

By the time most of us get around to remodeling our bathroom, our plumbing fixtures are ancient, outdated and broken. Consider upgrading your plumbing fixtures with new single or double handle faucet controls. Choose from chrome, brush nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brilliant stainless steel and more.

4. Flooring

Remove that cracked ceramic tile with that grime-stained grout. There are so many types of tile with every type of finish imaginable. If you choose ceramic or porcelain, it will require less maintenance than the natural stone. If you choose to use a natural material like travertine, bi-annual maintenance will keep it protected and beautiful. Other options to consider, include marble, other natural stones and wood.

5. Showers Tiling

With so many options, you can create a new shower with designs that express your unique taste or a simple decoration on one wall as the center attraction. Store your bath accessories with built-in niches and custom benches are great for relaxing during a morning shower. More and more, homeowners are choosing to “ditch the curb” and invest in a curb less shower for easier access, while safety-proofing with grab bars.

6. Lighting 

Lighting is perhaps one of the most important features to help create your desired atmosphere. Vanity wall sconces provide wonderful accent light for make-up and as an added touch, include recessed lights for general lighting, as well as inside the shower. Don’t forget that LED lights produce optimal lighting while only using a fraction of the energy to function.

7. Countertops

There’s granite, marble, soapstone, quartz, glass, concrete and more to choose from and finishes range from polished to honed, leathered, brushed and flamed. Edges are versatile and also an important consideration from bull nosed to chiseled or eased to mitered. All of these details help create the desired feel and image.


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