Home Improvement Tips To Have A Positive Vibe On Your Home

Have a positive and better mood towards your home by just doing some minor improvements of your living space. Our environments also have a specific vibration energy. Because we absorb energy from our surroundings, one way that you can raise your vibration is by working to raise the vibration of your environment.

Here are the Home Improvement Tips To Have A Positive Vibe On Your Home:

Clutter Free

Spring cleaning in any season is in order to elevate mood and smiles for no reason at all. Time to consider what you need everyday and what you could donate to your local thrift store. Less clutter promotes more visual space and in this case, less is better. Space creates more room for organization as a clean home is a happy home.

Door Knobs

Spice up your room by installing stylish doorknobs for any room and all door types closets, vanities, drawers. Take a minute to review all your doors and which doors need some updating. Your next step would be a quick internet search for new trending door knobs or a quick stroll down the door knob aisle at your hardware store to see what is available for your type of door.

Fortunately, door knobs are somewhat universal in that most of the sizes are standard, and replacement consist of screwing them on/off with your hands or a screwdriver.

Arrange Your Furnitures

Re-arranging your furniture is hands down the least expensive way to restyle a room. You can create the feeling of a fresh start without spending a penny on remodeling. Before you start, have a plan and map out a few places where larger pieces can go.  Taking a few minutes to carefully plan your attack, consider all the pieces and all the home elements, and arrange your new room.


Walls – Is there a room that is creating an eye sore or just seem out of place. Take the time to transition that one wall you have been meaning to do something about. All you will need is one bucket of your favorite paint and color, paint brushes and a little time and motivation and maybe a drop-cloth. Your new color sets the tone for any home for any desired mood.

Home Repair

Pick one item in your home you’ve been meaning to fix. Add it to your prioritized to-do list or fix it right away! You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment once it’s taken care of. Some easy-to-fix offenders are: loose doorknobs, burned out light bulbs, torn window screens and squeaky doors. 

Do Some Upgrades

You can transform everyday objects with a splash of paint or even just some scrap fabric. If your side table has too many scuffs and scratches to count, drape a patterned scarf over top of it. If your bedroom could use a pop of color, paint the trim of the door. The possibilities are endless.


Areas where water is most dominant, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room, mold and mildew is not far behind. Take a couple of hours to disinfectant these areas with water and bleach. Chlorine bleach is relatively cheap and not much is needed to sanitize large areas.



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