5 Tips on Home Improvements for Elderly Safety and Comfort

Elderly safety should one of our priority along with child safety. Seniors or Elderly these days prefer in staying home, other choose to stay at retirement home this facility manage and take care of the elderly who could no longer take care of their own. However, nowadays, our aging population is living longer and staying home longer in a way that they can live with their own routines with the help of loving family members, friends and highly trained caregivers. Staying at home with elderly does not only require caring individual, it also requires changes and improvements to the home.

If you're concerned with your elderly loved ones safety. Here are five tips that are simple and increases house safety for seniors

5 Tips on Home Improvements for Elderly

1. Changing to a Lever Style Doorknobs

Frequently this is a common thing that is taken for granted. Yes, this is a simple thing for you, but with elderly at home this can be a real hassle for them. Changing the traditional, round doorknobs with a lever style knob can be a great help for our elderly. The lever style is much easier than the round knobs, especially for the elderly that are already suffering from joint pains, affected motor skill and arthritis..

2. Installing Grab Bars at Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in the house. Installing grab bars will make a big difference, this can give the elderly something to hang onto when they find themselves off balance. This bar can be purchased and installed for a very low price, making this one improvement to be the easiest.

3. Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Having plenty of furniture in homes is like an obstacle course for elderly. One way of making your house safe and comfortable with evaluating every furniture in the house, determine which will be essential and which one can be removed. This will give the home more space and easier to navigate for the elderly.

4. Proper Lighting 

Accident usually happens when people don't see anything. This is a big problem for elderly just a simple slip or stumble can be dangerous. Having the house well lighted, using an energy efficient can make a big difference in lowering the probability of an accident or fall. Inspecting around the house, searching for replaceable bulbs. Also consider installing motion detecting night lights for a more extra illumination.

5. Make the Rugs Anti Slip

Rugs in a floor are an accident waiting to happen. For elderly this can be a serious problem for the elderly has a brittle bones, it can be easily broken with a simple slip. You can purchase anti slip rugs which are inexpensive or simply customize your old rugs with caulk or grip tape in making the rug anti slip and less dangerous.


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