How To Build Inside Wall Cabinet In our Kitchen

Inside Wall Cabinet In our Kitchen

Nowadays, the inside wall cabinet is highly recommended for homeowners because of its useful benefits – space saver. Especially for those people who live in a limited space like in a dormitory or a small apartment.  If you want to save space but still have plenty of room for storage, you should build an inside wall cabinet. Not many people have discovered this yet, or they might have an idea, but they don’t know how to build them. I would say that building an inside wall cabinet can be very challenging but it is possible. This may require some carpentry skills to build it. So, before we get started with our project, here are the categories that you should know:

Skill Level


Estimated Costs




Project Type



Hammer/Nail Gun


Electric Screwdriver

Portable Electric Jigsaw

Table Saw


Circular Saw

Electric Sander

Straight edge



Tape Measure

Electric Drill




Wood moulding

Wood Stain

½” Plywood

Wood Glue


Paint Brush

Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Hinges

¼” Plywood




Cabinet Knob



  1. The first step is you need to know where you want to build your inside wall cabinet. It can be in your room, bathroom, living room, or in the kitchen. The purpose of the inside wall cabinet is obviously for storage. You can store some of your valuable things in there like your cell phones, medicines, colognes, and etc.
  2. Once you have figured out which room you want to build the inside wall cabinet, the next step is to create a plan. It will be easier if you have a plan made. In your plan, you can include the following: style, the size, measurements, materials, tools, and so on and so forth.
  3. Now that you have planned the in-wall cabinet, you can now start measuring the materials according to the dimensions are given You can now cut all the woods like the moulding, trim, and plywood. Make sure that when you cut them, they are straight and in the right measurement. One of the most common mistakes when building a cabinet is the fitting. You need to get the exact measurement to get the perfect fit. A little difference from the measurement can result in badly fitting. Like for example, if the door was not measured right, it may not fit the space that you made for it. Same goes to other parts. So, always double check before you cut anything.
  4. After you have cut them all, you can now start to assemble them together. You can also start measuring the wall where you will mount the cabinet. Then you can also start drilling the wall so you can screw the cabinet to the wall after.
  5. After you have assembled them together, before you mount them on the wall, you can finish it by painting it with wood stain to give that attractive look.

Building an inside wall cabinet is not that complicated, of course, except for those complicated designs. But the design or style that you saw from this article are very simple and basic. So, enjoy your new storage furniture. This could a great extra space and storage for your valuable things. You will not have a hard time looking for your stuff since they are now stored in one place.


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