How To Recycle A Cabinet To Make a Trash Bin

Are you planning to build a recycled cabinet out of trash? There are two types of recycling cabinet to choose from: tilt out trash cabinet and then pull-over recycle trash cabinet. They also come in different styles. You can have the single door, double doors, and even triple doors. But in this article, we will be doing a single door recycle cabinet out of trash. The good thing about recycling trash cabinet is they are not that difficult to build. Recycle cabinet out of the trash can add to your home decors.

There’s a big difference between exposing your trash and hiding them. With recycling trash cabinets, you can easily hide your trash and can keep your home clean. You can also put some decals on top of the recycle trash cabinet like flowers, figurines, picture frames, and other home decors.

But before you start building your recycle cabinet out of trash, there are things to consider. Below are the factors that must be considered:

 Skill Level


 Estimated Costs



 Hand Tools:


Wood Files



Safety Glass

Hand Jointer

Speed Square

1 – ¼ Pocket hole screw

 Power Tools:

Electric Drill/Drill Press

Router and a straight bit and 3/16" and 3/4" rounding over bits

Portable jigsaw

Electric Sander


2 - 1x12 at 6 ft. Long

2 – 1x3 at 8 ft. Long

2 – 1x2 at 8 ft. Long


Cabinet Hinges

Drawer Handle

Stain or Oil base wood protector

Wood Glue

120 grit sandpaper



Paint & paint brush


Let’s start with the dimensions. Here are the sample cut lists to start your recycle trash cabinet.

Cut List:

Front – 2 - 1x2 at 25 ¼”

Back – 2 – 1x2 at 26”

2 – 1x12 at 29 ¼”

1 – 1x12 at 19”

1 – 1x12 17 ½”

2 – 1x3 at 19”

3 – 1x2 at 19”

After you have measured and cut the woods, you can now start putting them together. Let’s begin with the body of your recycle trash cabinet. Start building a box according to the measured mentioned above. Make sure that that the edge is as flush as possible to minimize sanding. Then the finish is with 2” finish nails and wood glue.

Next, you also need to measure the top part of the cabinet. On your box, you can choose the less attractive side. You can use 1 ¼ finish nails and wood glue. The back part of the box is optional. You can either put a ¼ plywood to cover it or you can just leave it open. But if you ask me, I would suggest to leave it open to have easy access when you change trash bags and clean your bin.

Lastly, the most critical part is the door. You need to get the right measure to perfectly fit the body. This is where you use the 1x12 wood. You can cut it at 12” they cut it in half diagonally to make it two sides. This will give you an equal triangular shape would that would support your door. Then the bottom part should match the width of the door.


Now you can enjoy your new recycle cabinet out of trash. This will keep your home clean and clutter free. Also, it adds to the decoration of your home. This makes similar to side tables.


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