Basic Tools Every Home Owners Should Own

When owning a new home it can give an awesome experience, but you haven't experience the hardest part of owning a new home which is decorating and maintenance. There will be numerous situation that you will be needing some tools and equipment in performing those task. Even if it's just as simple as hanging a picture or major home maintenance repair there are certain items you should have. So in this article we will discuss the basic tools that you should have in your new home.

Here are the Basic Tools Every Home Owners Should Own:

1. Wet - Dry Vacuum

In your home spillage is a common thing. It is advisable to have an wet - dry vacuum that can handle multiple objects such as paint, nails to small stones. It have numerous purposes vacuuming your car is a good example and also cleaning your garage. Owning a wet - dry vacuum can be a handy tool for your home.

2. Fire Extinguisher

You can consider this a safety measure for your home, having a fire extinguisher is a must. Just a split second of fire can turn your beautiful home into ashes. Fire extinguisher have five different types with different uses, so in selecting the extinguisher you should choose the best type for your home.

3. Extension Cord Organizer

Octopus wiring is a common household problem, tangled cords everywhere. Having a extension cord organizer is the best solution in this kind of problem. Or if you want to save some money in buying one you can make it yourself.with a pegboard, hooks, and velcro straps to keep each cord loops secure. 

4. Carpentry Tools

Odds are you already own a bunch of the basics: drill, screwdriver, hammer, level, tape measure, wrench, pliers, staple gun, utility knife, etc. But home ownership may require a few new ones you might not have needed before but you will need in the near future such as stud finder, hand saw, ratchet set and pry bar.

5. Tool Kit

Having all those tools will be you will surely need something to hold them all for you as you move around the house. You can make a tool carrier kit with a bucket line and an old bucket. Or you can buy a handyman's belt with the basic pouches and slings to keep your tools. 

6. Headlamp

Working single-handed with a flashlight on the other hand is more difficult and time consuming. Invest in cheap headlamp and it will be much easier for you. There are numerous house hold chores and maintenance that requires both hands with artificial light.



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