5 Unnecessary Home Project

Unnecessary Home Project —You Need to Avoid

1. An Expensive Landscaping

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Unnecessary Home Project is considered a waste of money if not carefully planned.  Landscaping can actually transform the way your house may look for your prospective buyers. However, adding too much going over the top to create a backyard paradise, won’t change your asking price. Maybe if you plan to stay longer, then it can improve the quality of your life.  If you foresee that you might sell the house in the near future, it is not recommendable.

Instead spending money on landscaping,  curb up your lawn to add appeal to your home. That is a “Wow” for potential buyers with a well-kept lawn. This is the cost versus  the value.  Its report states that projects  with the “wow” value of the front of the house can recoup a decent percentage. Well, that  depends on the changes made. Check out those classy selections for landscaping.


2. Building a Whirlpool Baths

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Yes, it’s fun and relaxing to take a hot bath after a long workday.  Potential buyers will not pay extra for a pool or a whirlpool bath.  The costs of installing a whirlpool tub can be prohibitive, so this is considered the unnecessary home project. Although some homeowners install luxury bathtubs, just to discover  later that they need to invest a larger hot water tank for the tub to work perfectly. Additionally, installing a tub may result in high monthly maintenance costs and expensive energy bills.

Plan carefully before installing a whirlpool bath. This unnecessary home project can cost you thousands of dollars, and in case you run into problems, the costs can even climb even higher.


3. Home Office Renovation

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Most people don’t really need a luxury home office. The actual average home office renovation costs will run around $28,000. You will just receive a 46% as a return on investment for this. Technology upgrades very quickly, so investing in new wiring, and some other office components, won’t help at the time of the selling.


All you need is a good lighting, and room for your office furniture.  You may need like a desk or a chair. Unless you work at home full-time,  you may consider so.






4. Planning for an In-Ground Swimming Pools

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An in-ground swimming pool estimated cost runs about $30,000-$75,000.  This is depending on the type of pool installed.  It may seem like a good idea,  but a swimming pool makes your house harder to sell. It is an unnecessary home project. People with families like small children, do not need a house with a pool.  Also, installing a pool will increase your energy costs, and will dramatically raise homeowners insurance.  A swimming pool also requires a lot of maintenance, and may cost around $1,000-$2,000 or more just to operate.  Think about it.


5. Installing a Roof Replacement

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The realtor will always say you couldn’t raise your asking price to cover the cost of the new roof. A brand new roof is just  another feature we could add to our listings, but to raise the sale price of your home is out of the question.

Eventually, roofs may do need replacing but the waiting could be very costly, including mildew stains, ruined walls, and molds.  Experts say you can only receive 55%-60% of the cost to replace a roof at the time you sell your home. Apparently,  a damaged roof or an old roof may discourage prospective buyers away. A new roof can actually make your home look durable and crisp for prospective buyers, and will help you stay competitive in the market.  This is one considerable on this instance and may not hold you guilty of the unnecessary home project but be careful in your planning. Think carefully where you need to hang your hat on!



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