Fun Unique Ways to Go Camping

Unique Ways to Go Camping and Experience Nature

Unique ways to go camping is here. From the vintage trailers in the desert, and covered with wagons through  the West. Comes to fire towers in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is amazing to check out these crazy cool, unique ways to spend an evening close to nature.  It is breathtaking

Spend the night Hanging Around


Experience the ambiance outside?  One of the unique ways is the ability to sleep outside.  Over a river could be fun, but always be safe.  No problem about it.   Do You want to spend it at the remotest of beaches? There you got it.  All you need then is the three trees as an anchor.  Add a little chutzpah and around $450 for the Tensile tent and there you go. It was actually designed as the tree house you can take anywhere you like.

One step closer to El Cosmico


This is Located in Marfa, Texas, El Cosmico.  It  is an eclectic 21-acre spread where the accommodations include a restored vintage trailers, some tepees, a safari tent and a 22-foot yurt. You can also choose at your pleasure to pitch your own tent on the campgrounds for $30. This 1946 Imperial Mansion also  includes king-sized and twin beds.  It has a full kitchen and a cedar deck. Trailers start at around $120.

Cosmic Thing for Relaxing Ambiance


After you have chosen to have unique ways to go camping, you can spend the day exploring Marfa.  Settle in with pleasure to your very own time capsule via a 1951 the Kozy Coach caravan. This 27-footer is outfitted with a full bed, an outdoor shower.  Also with an AC, both of which you’ll appreciate during the summer months. We personally suggest these unique ways to go camping.  Have a ga-ga for the Buster Bluth hand chair that also adorns the cedar plank deck.  This is the perfect perch for catching the storied Marfa Lights.

The Unique Pow Wow Wow


This 22’ round tepee has plenty of a space for sleeping on.  During camp or rain dancing around the fire is absolutely exciting. Most tepees, yurts and other tents here share the communal amenities.  These  include bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen, or a hammock grove and the amazing lobby house. Cosmic dogs are always been welcome at El Cosmico.

Historical Wagons, Ho


The Conestoga Ranch sits on the stunning view on the northern border of Utah.  Located just below Wyoming and Idaho.  Overlooking and enjoys majestic mountain views with recreation on Bear Lake. It’s also where you can hang up your spurs truly unique ways of camping hits you.  Experience to sleep in a covered wagon. The rooms accommodate for as many as six people. You can also bring a group of friends and form your own settler’s party. The Couples wagons start at around $110.

This is Almost Heaven


The Thorny Mountain, breathtaking Fire Tower in West Virginia’s Seneca State Park.  It is one of the closest places to heaven that you’ll ever find. It sits at the one of the state’s highest points.   One must climb 69 untiring steep steps to get there. You need to relax on the catwalk; enjoy then the misty taste of moonshine and then, later on, drift off to sleep. Affordable rates are a calming $75 a night. Amazing unique ways to go camping.

Hit the Ruby Tuesday


Take a look at Ruby's Inn at Utah’s Bryce canyon National Park.   It is made up of about eight large tepees with plenty of room for such a Lone Ranger.  Like the Tonto, Silver and Scout.  Apparently, what makes it unique is because there’s nothing in them, not even electricity. So make sure to bring your gear and seven other friends. Unique ways to go camping at $62 a night, that’s about $8 pp. For this price, you can already pick up the first round at Ebenezer's Barn & Grill.  The barn located just a few steps from your bivouac.

The Heart of Yosemite Yurts


Discover the long lost brother of Sam, Yosemite Yurts is actually fast becoming the hottest attraction at the Yosemite Lakes Rv park.  One of the unique ways to go camping is coming here.  The five electrified yurts eventually have a full-size futon and an amazing bunk bed with a full lower bed outfitted with linens. There’s also a microwave oven, a mini fridge for your food and drinks and a coffee maker. No reason to go too extreme.  You are all set with a little extra for your comforts with prices starting at around $149.

Squirrel’s Nest View


Kevin Costner,  who danced with wolves; well, can you sleep with squirrels? This is Located in the North Georgia Mountains, Unicoi State Park.   Attractive offers for campers is a unique way to sleep amongst nature. With the via 16 raised and covered platforms. Aways remember that you’ll commune with nature and your neighbors as well. Bring in some appropriate camping gear, your earplugs and three other birds as each nest sleep 4. Enjoy and relax with these unique ways to go camping.




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