Amazing DIY Project: Wooden Beer Mug In 7 Simple Steps

DIY project is fun, learning new things and creating amazing wood crafts really worth your time. There are many things that can be done using woods and some additional tools. If you are looking for something simple, easy to do and can be useful, then you are reading the right article.


Here are the 7 simple steps on how to do a creative wooden beer mug.


Step 1. Prepare the sticks and tools.

You need to prepare wood with the circle shape, this will be used as the base, wood sticks for the body, wood glue, ideal size of can, tape,  any wood cutter, rope, sheet metal, screw, screwdriver, colored or colorless paint, paint brush, and last but the least the holder of wooden beer mug. The ideal number of wood sticks is 15 to 20, but of course, this will depend from your wants. Before you proceed with step 2, make sure that all of this ready.


Step 2. Tape the wooden sticks.

Now that everything is ready, get your ideal size of can and tape. Start connecting the wooden sticks around the can using the tape, but leave one opening. Very easy, right? When you are done, you can now proceed with step 3.


Step 3. Glue the sticks and remove the tape.

Remove the sticks and place it on a flat surface. You need to put some wood glue between each stick, after that remove the tape from the outside part, make sure that every tape is gone. After that, get the wood in a circle shape and glue it together. Now that you are finished with the body part.


Step 4. Tighten the sticks using the rope.

You need to get the rope and start binding the body of your wooden beer mug in order to tighten it. You do not want to have some leak on it when putting your beer. Wait until everything is dry, and then, remove the rope.


Step 5. Attach the holder of the wooden beer mug.

When the body part of your wooden beer mug is dry, you can now attach the ear or the holder using wood glue. Wait until it is dry before proceeding with step 6.


Step 6. Add some sheet metal.

Step 6 is optional. You can add some sheet metal on the outside part of your wooden beer mug. This will stand as a decoration on your wood crafts. You also need to secure it with a screw, tighten it using your screwdriver.


Step 7. Paint your wooden beer mug.

This step is also optional, but if you want to make a nice beer mug, then, you need to apply this step. Paint your mug using a colored or colorless paint, it's up to you. Make sure to cover everything on the outside, this is not advisable to the inside part. After painting, wait until it is dry.


You can add this wood craft to your collection, you can now also enjoy drinking beer with your family and friends using your very own wooden beer mug. Of course, you can create as many as you want.


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