Bathroom Safety and Avoiding ‘Slippery’ Hazards

Bathroom Safety In Your Home


Bathroom safety and care are definitely a necessity and a must as far as precautionary measures go within a household. Are you aware that your very bathroom, once carelessly and ignorantly overlooked, can break your bones, paralysis or even cause death?  Those slippery surfaces have a plenty of accidents in store for you to experience in case you didn’t know.

According to the New York Times, your bathroom could be the most dangerous place in the house. It was an article in 2011 from the said newspaper that really stressed how important bathroom safety is. The report stated that over 200,000 people get injuries from the bathroom. The areas to have caused the most injuries are the shower/ tub and toilet areas. The elderly, those aged 85 and higher suffer the most. It is near the toilet that most of these elderly-related accidents occur. As for those aged 15 through 24, the most common injuries take place in the shower and tub.

It is the person’s head as well that suffers the most. 31% of the bathroom injuries in America are head injuries! Yikes. We have got to better watch out.

So what are the available precautions available to us? You may always just resort to your own individual awareness and care. But it gets difficult sometimes for the older members of our society to solely depend on just that. Yes, you might have had it in your minds: grab bars, seats and the like! This is going to do just that. Here are items and tips to make your bath area safer.


                                  Grab Bars


                Grab bars are pretty basic. Not only do they guide you through your bathroom to avoid slipping and injury, they make really good makeshift hanging racks as more often than not, would hang up their towels by these handlebars when showering. These particular ones have soap containers already attached to the body. This bathroom safety measure is already quite popular and is highly recommended the moment you had your bathroom constructed.

CAUTION: You may use grab bars as towel racks, but never use towel racks as grab bars since the former may not be able to hold your weight.


Shower Seats

                Who says that you always have to be standing to get a good shower? Why don’t you just stop and think about this: wet with soap and water, half-blind due to soap and shampoo dripping down to your eyes, moving water under your feet that continuously runs down through your drain; looks like a perfect opportunity to slip and get a good bruise. And what if you’re an old man with degenerated locomotor skills and control?


This one is mounted to your shower wall. It’s a recommended furnishing if you’re constructing a new house or if you plan to renovate a little bit. You may also opt for this freestanding shower bench (right).  Bear in mind that these seats come in a huge variety of designs. Come to your local hardware/appliance store and take a look at your options.



Bath/Shower Mats


               It’s pretty obvious what these babies are over. Bath mats come in microfiber memory foams, rubber, polyester and many more. The idea is to place your mats close to the tub, shower, toilet or any area in the room that might accumulate water to form a puddle. Now that’s bathroom safety.

Another thing I love about the mats is that you can get quite stylish with them since they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Toilet Seat Elevation

                Toilet seat elevation aids the person for a more comfortable and safe sitting experience. Some people suffer falls due to toilets that are short of height. Elevated toilet seats can be installed above your toilet to avoid just that. The image below is of a medical elevated toilet seat for the elderly. It actually does look a little too medical for the majority’s taste. Don’t worry a lot of elevated toilet seats come without handles and are more stylish.



I just cannot stress how important safety is. If you have an elderly person in your household, I strongly recommend these items to ensure safety or, at least, cut the risks serious injury by a huge chunk.



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