Woodworking Project — Avoiding the Hazzard

How To Avoid Common Woodworking Project Pitfalls.



Woodworking project, generally, dos not guarrantee every woodworker free from a bad situation or has not experienced woodworking pitfalls. Woodworking pitfalls are normal for newbies. However, in some cases, there are still experienced woodworkers that are still experiencing woodworking pitfalls. There are actually several reasons why many woodworkers can be in a bad situation when doing a woodworking project. In this article, you will understand the most common reasons that cause woodworkers are in a bad position. These reasons are general reasons and mostly more on a personal aspect.


Never Get Too Excited

In many instances, most woodworkers get too excited when they get a woodworking project, especially if it’s a big project. It’s not bad to get excited because that’s normal. Who will be excited if you were able to close a big project that could change your financial status? But the thing is when getting “too excited” is you might slip or forget some small but very important details. Don’t be in a hurry to finish the project. Instead, take your time and just enjoy every moment of it. If you are in such a hurry and wants to get the project done soon, don’t do it. Stop and take things slow and check all the details. If you are hurrying to have the project done, you might end up messing up the project, which would cause you more time to fix the problem, and worse it might hurt your credibility. So, take things slow and easy. Focus on every small detail, especially with the fitting.



Poor Time Management


Another pitfall that most woodworkers are facing when doing a woodworking project is they fail to manage their time wisely. Before you accept any woodworking project, always ask when the deadline is. If the deadline to too near then you just have to say NO. Never compete with time because time is your partner and not your opponent. In every project that you will have in the future, learn to calculate the time if you can finish it by the agreed deadline. So, as a woodworker, learn the principle of time management because it will help you build your credibility. If you have a project to work on, don’t waste so much time on other unnecessary things. Focus on your project. Know your priorities in the very situation that you are in!


No Plan

One more pitfall is “No Plan”. Many woodworkers do not plan their project. When you have a project to finish, especially if it has a deadline, it’s very important to make a plan. Planning makes your job easier. If you have a plan, everything will be organized. You can have a stress-free environment if everything is planned. The consequences are if you don’t have a plan, is along the way you might mess up the project. Or, in some case, the project might not end the way you want it. The sad truth in some instance, even if there is a plan, things can still go wrong. So, how much more if there is no plan? So, take the time to plan your project ahead of time to prevent and avoid errors and problems. In case there will be a problem, you have already anticipated it and could provide an immediate solution.





Failure to Enhancing Skills

If you want woodworking to be a career, then you don’t have to be contented with what you have right now. Always look for an opportunity to enhance your skills. Never stop learning new things. You can enhance your skills by taking short courses about woodworking or you can simply work with more experienced woodworkers. This is a very common pitfall t many woodworkers. Sometimes there are better opportunities and better projects offered, but since their skills are limited, they end up declining the offer. So, for better future and more projects in the future, take the time to learn new skills. It’s for your own good anyways.




Bad Working Attitude

Last but not the least it’s the bad attitude that will break you. If you are running a business, your attitude towards your client is very critical. If you want to have more clients and more people to trust you, you need to have the right attitude. It doesn’t matter how good you are in your field if people are not comfortable working with you, they will look for other options. This will hurt your credibility. So, try to develop a good relationship towards the people you work with and you work for. A trustworthy woodworker keeps his words. He never breaks his promise. Never promise or commit if you can’t keep it. Then, always make sure that you comply with the agreed deadline. If you were able to meet the deadline and finish the project without any issues, it will benefit you. Recommendations will be on your side. Many people would want to work for you, which mean more projects better future.



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